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STOP MY WIFE FROM SMILING- ISOKENE PART #2 , Isoken (or better stilI isokene pronounced as ee-so-kene as she is being called by her
husband, though according to him, he was the only one who had the license to call her
that) and I never saw her after that day again, although Ibidolo (her husband) got me laughing that day… 

I jokingly told Isoken to reduce her smile if that was going to make her husband happy… Ibidolo was excited I had granted his wish…but ever since that day my mind had no peace…


I kept asking myself was it right for a man or woman to give up what made him or her
smile, because the other spouse was not comfortable with it?

I looked inward and asked myself, what if my Husband asked me to stop my counselling
and homebuilding ministry, because he was not comfortable with it, would I give it up, just the way I told Isoken to reduce or give up her smiles?
I picked up my phone and made some calls to some of my cousins who knew Isoken
better, to have her contact…

“Her name is not Isoken, it was her husband that gave her that name when they got
married, you know he is an Edo man, Her name is Mobolaji…” Aunty Lara said
“I was wondering how the Edo blood entered our lineage” I said jokingly to my favorite
“From the look of things, Betty, that girl is not happy, because before marriage she used
to smile a lot but at this years’ Reunion ,she was a bit reserved, and since that is your
specialty, help her”
“I will try… by the Grace of God” I assured my aunt… check this out read more

“Mobolaji, good morning” I said when she picked up the call
“Oh my God! I can’t believe this, I can’t believe you actually called my phone”
“Do you know who is speaking” I said trying to be mischievous…

“Of course ma, I have your number, I just never had the boldness to call you” She said
with so much excitement, I could feel her smile, it was so tangible,LY ONE
“My goodness, this girl was made to put smiles on people’s faces”

I thought to myself as
her energy and sound of laughter was fueling me for a good laugh, I felt I was speaking
with an angel…Now how can someone want to stop this kind of smile? I asked myself
“Who are you smiling with, who is calling you?”

I overheard her Husband Ibidolo shouting. It seem like he grabbed the phone or
something but the next thing I heard was the beeping sound… READ MORE

What would be going on in their house? Was what I was thinking throughout that
day…Isokene’s phone had been switched off, I tried over fifty times but unreachable…
“I just hope this man is not beating up this girl” was the phrase playing in my head all
Hmm…in this case, What was I meant to do to help Isoken because…
Fortunately for me Isoken picked up her call very late at night and guess what I heard her say…
“Aunty, I am ready to give up smiling if that would keep my marriage” I unbelievably heard Isoken telling me over the phone amidst sobs, it was obvious she was crying…At that
point, I didn’t know why, but I found myself crying….

As a marriage counselor, I was beginning to doubt my convictions, Should wanting to stay in marriage stop Isoken from smiling, Just like her name meant, Should she be content with this new destiny of not smiling outside her home? Her smile was only to be limited to the confines of her house….
“Ibidolo (her husband) is definitely a devil” was my conclusion and even though I am
against divorce, Isoken should begin to consider it.
Was I wrong to have thought of this or should Isoken truly sacrifice her smile to keep her marriage?
To be continue tomorrow

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