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Friends  Covid-19  Love  Pains  Life  The Future! In four months time, on 5th July, 2020, I will turn 30 years old.

For that reason, I am happy for the life so far lived in this world for the last 29 years. I can’t complain. Be it for the worse or the worst of the past life.

I have witness and experience health disasters. I have undergone abdominal surgeries with a guarantee that death was inevitable.

It was all survived. We have missed places to live in here in Nairobi, Kenya, we have had friends and relatives who could not host us when we were low. We all survived that! We have gone hungry, with no food for many days.

We have walked long distances in search for hope that the future will be better, still we are, some have conquered already, some are yet to.

About eight thousand 8000 miles away Nairobi, Kenya – Friends  Covid-19  Love  Pains  Life  The Future!

in a town called Toronto, Canada, a street called Beecroft, is one white man living there, so nice and sweet of words he is that how I wish every person would have had him speak. FRIENDS COVID-19 LOVE PAINS LIFE THE FUTURE!

He is one of the world’s senior lawyers, retired now. For the purpose of this article, I will call him Leahy. Actually, he is! He is my good friend! a Mentor he has been to me! I appreciate God for him.

Was low today, so I emailed him telling him about the curfew in Nairobi and the government directives that the YOUNG SHOULD NOT LEAVE NAIROBI! Also, I had stress. My gas had run out. No money.

Electricity tokens reading 10 units and continuing to go down. Literally, the world had just gone dark and my options were running out. I was figuring to leave Nairobi, BUT TO WHERE? It did not took long when he replied my email, and I loved this bit of his reply;


“Ray…So, chill out. “This, too, shall pass.” And, the bright side if you catch the infection is that it might put an end to your struggle to pay your bills.” The emailed had begun as follows,

“Actually, Ray, I think that you’re better off in Nairobi than you would be in the rural areas because, (a) supplies might not reach the rural areas and (b) medical facilities, I suspect, are better in Nairobi than in the countryside. So, it was probably the best call.”

I am now in my house, in Rongai. I am reading a text book about mergers and acquisition. I am also reading tax law. FIND MORE HERE

John Grisham – The Appeal is also waiting for me-  Friends  Covid-19  Love  Pains  Life  The Future!

. Outside the gates of Delight Apartment where I live in, we got a curfew because of COVID-19 and the police are out to enforce the executive curfew. Then the reality has hit me so hard that not even my law degree is important at the moment. The world is crushing on many of us…


It’s not any fun to be of the human species at this time in our world. Few days ago, I was watching the 9:00 PM news when reports came in that a British Airways plane had just landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

A Kenyan had just spotted the plane and he brought an alert! This came after the government of Kenya had just banned all international flights with orders that no plane is to be inbound in the wake of Covid-19.

Twenty minutes later, the Britain Embassy and the American Embassy clarified to Kenyans via newsrooms that the plane(s) were empty (came with no suspected foreigner infected by the virus), they had just come to evacuate Americans and Britons.

That is what COVID-19 has done to humanity! Economies shutting down as friends walking away to be with their families and face the virus while in their homes.

Life has become absolutely grey, I have not set eyes upon any happy person around me of late. Within two months, life has become a nasty business for everyone.

Occasionally, when I am serious I begin to think that people who have an aversion for death are illogical. So far as I understand the order of things, life consists of nothing but horrors, squabbles, and trivialities mixed together or alternating!

every country in the world is on the fall- covid-  19 has render Nations hopelessly

Every country around the world is now falling to a lonely space of its own as each country is busy fighting this pandemic on its own.

Not long ago, Kenya Airways (KQ) landed in Kenya marking its final international maiden flight from New York (US). On board it, were Kenyans who had paid no airfare. The government of Kenya had offered to bring her citizens home, freely.

And for the last few nights, British Airways planes have been doing the same for their citizens in Kenya, whites leaving Kenya to London. In light of the current happenings brought about by COVID-19, is the world resetting itself to a factory mode?

Don’t want to opine so much. I am not an expert in matters healthcare. I am just an ordinary global citizen.

However, I read to keep to trends and news. So I am pretty much informed of what this virus is. No cure for it and scientists are saying that it will take about a year to get a vaccine!

In the nearby future, we will give testimonies about this pandemic to our children and grandchildren. Just as the Spanish Flu of 1918, we lived to hear its tales by its survivors. We must learn something from this pandemic and think of our future. What we will do as responsible world citizens.

What will you do? After COVID-19? Or what are you doing right now?

Immediately I finish with my master of laws classes at the University of Nairobi (UoN), I will register for medical classes. In 2030, when COVID-19 will emerge from nowhere, I will be one of the team members to bring to heel within a month! For now, the best the majority of us can do, is to adhere to social distancing!

The Ministry of Health said that they expect case in Kenya to rise up to 10,000 by end of April. We are faced with hunger and Covid-19! The town is about to be totally locked and no one will leave it now for reason that the senior members in rural are more susceptible to the virus than we the young ones.

Personally, I don’t fear death because my past is full of near death experiences. In case I survive this hard times and this pandemic, I must take the lead and be a leader in Nairobi.

The Governor to say, so that one of my objectives will be to work on a stable health system that will be capable to withstand such an adversity in future!

In case I don’t survive the pandemic in an interpretation that “the bright side be that I catch the infection putting an end to my struggles of me paying bills”

I will be happy to meet my Creator, smile with Him and ask Him “Am I heading for Hell or Heaven? Earth was enough hell for me!”

To you all, please,

Stay safe. Reach out to your neighbors when you feel unwell or when they are unwell so that the matter be reported. Call the government and when you are in a position to help, help out.

I have run of stock of food. I have run out of money. If you get a few extra coins from your end, help me out please. It is tough already!

Your faithfully,
Raymond Nduga.

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