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CLEANSING WORD OF GOD IN THIS HOUR, The word of God is the spoken word that God Himself spoke through the bible. The word itself is life to them that are dead, and revives the broken heart.

There is power through the spoken of word of God and we see in Genesis how God spoken the word and the world and everything else was created

The only way which will bring life to a dead Church is to speak and preach the word of God and the reason why Church is lifeless is because of removing the word of God.

The word of God brought healing and deliverance and it cleansed the Church from all unclean.

The word of God is the light at this hour for those who will embrace but for those who will reject it they will walk in great darkness.

The word of God is ever cleansing and powerful

The word of God is the son of God in form of breath and scriptures.

The reason why the old ancient Church walked with so much power and authority is because they walked with the word of God

and deed nothing apart from the Word, they followed the Word of God and obeyed it until power and life begun to flow with so much power and anointing.

Look at today`s Church is sick, worn out and dying every day in spirit and the river of anointing is drying day by day because they have forsaken the Word of God which brought life.

The Church today is so much in flesh and so far in spirit, so much sweating of flesh and dancing while none of prayers and tears in the Spirit.

Sweating and dancing is 100% while tears and holy worship is 1% and the flesh is too high, preaching in flesh, dancing in flesh, praying in flesh, singing in flesh and worshiping in flesh .

Nothing about the Spirit nowadays, nothing about praying in Spirit, nothing about worshiping in Spirit because of the stings of death that comes through the flesh.

They Church is going dead and the life of God is taken away by the flesh in it, The flesh is leading the Church to worldliness and entertainment.

Preachers have been now replaced by Satan

The devil is now replacing preachers with actress, replacing sermons with entertainment and the Word with the world.

The enemy has brought another gospel of flesh, and the world and anything preached is about flesh and body.

This is why you can hear them saying that God looks at heart and not the way we act or the way we dress.

God looks at heart while men look at outside which is true, so your outside should matter a lot to us because men look outside and those who sin they sin because of outside.

Let your outside be holy and blameless to prevent men sinning with your appearance and if the world will sin because of your outward appearance then you must be judged by God.

You cannot dress half naked, and skinny tight cloths exposing your private parts and still say that God looks at heart while men are falling in lust by your outward appearance!

God will judge you and if those men be cast to Hell so you will also be cast to Hell with them for being a stumbling block to them and a sign post to Hell.

Where is the power of word in the Church today? The word of God is the sweeping bloom for the church today for sweeping all the filthiness and decays brought by the flesh.

Jesus Christ is the word of God and He is the soup to wash away every spots of flesh defiling the Church.

Jesus is the cleansing power and He is life

Jesus Christ said you are already clean by the word I spoke to you ( John 15:3 You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you.)

Meaning that the Spoken word of God is washing word to cleanse the Church of God. The scripture has the power to cleanse every sin and to remove every kind of evil in the Church.

Therefore the Church must return to the word of God and be washed every kind of sin and fleshly acts we see,

the homosexual in church must be cleared by the word of God, it says that neither the men who sleeps with men cannot see the Kingdom of God

(1 Corinthians 6:9), speak the word of God and the Church will be clean. Speak the word of God and prostitutes and adultery will be cleansed, the lesbians will be cleansed

and pornography and masturbation will be wiped out!

There is power and authority through the Spoken word of God to fight against sin and to bring deliverance from the stings of death.

The word of God is final and nothing can go against its will

Nothing can stand against the word of God, even the Pharisees and Sadducees could not stand against the Word.

even death and Hell could not hold the power of Word and the Word overcome with so much power and authority.

The Church of this hour will overcome by sticking to the word of God and by obeying every spoken word of God.

It will not compromise the word neither will it joke or try to dilute the word. It will be thus says the LORD Amen. The word of God will be the final word.

And there will be no compromise with the world and sin.

I see today how some Church are compromising the word of God and allowing all sorts of wickedness at the holy altar of God and bringing madness right in Church.

the devil is ruling them, women wearing trousers, men putting on ear-rings, dying hair, look and see lusting and immorality in Church, read More

preachers fornicating and cheating with members, pornography and masturbation ruling them while they are still worshiping and preaching at Church!

Cleansing word of God in His hour

What a shame to hear such things in Christianity today? The devil has been allowed because they have rejected the word of God and replaced it with entertainments and worldly programs.


They have chased the Holy Spirit by bringing the worldliness in Church, the worldly dances and songs, He is the cleanser

the Hollywood and games is the discussion of every member in the Church they want to hear.

No more of fasting, no more of spending time in prayer room and that is why they are so weak and worn out by the flesh and all its desires ruling them until they are cast to Hell.


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